Family food is generous, unfussy and demonstrates love and care. No matter what busyness the day brings, the act of setting the table and enjoying a simple meal together is comforting and ever-reassuring. Eating simply and seasonally is at the core of Julia Busuttil Nishimura's recipes. Whether it's a cooling coffee granita to start a summer's day or the comfort of a hearty baked maccheroni in darkest winter, this is the kind of food you will want to share with your loved ones throughout the year. The dishes in this book are brought to life by great ingredients. There are plenty of quick recipes and some that require more time to bubble away on the stove. Overall, they are linked by taste and pleasure, and making the most of seasonal produce. This is generous, delicious food that the whole family will love, all year round. Recipes include crêpes with whipped ricotta and slow-roasted tomatoes with mint and mozzarella for summer; spiced split lentil soup with fried eggplant and blackberry and apple pudding for autumn, Japanese braised pork and dark chocolate, walnut and oat cookies for winter, and Tokyo-style French toast and simple butter cake with raspberries for spring.