The Reef Bag from the Fishers Weave Collection is a stunning handwoven leather tote in a squared, ungusseted shape. The Reef Bag is unlined and the flexible weave allows sand to pass through, meaning a beautifully versatile and sturdy bag that is designed to be worn.

  • 48CM X 35CM X 5CM

Each bag from the Fishers Weave Collection is handwoven, taking a week or longer to make 1 bag depending on the complexity of the weave. The leather is organically vegetable dyed, using extracts from various trees, preserving the traditional process.

These bags are made in a coastal area of South India, where women traditionally weaved fishing nets and baskets. These skilled artisans are located, and then trained in weaving bags out of bamboo-sized strips of leather.

These bags are giving back to the community, providing employment and boosting the livelihood of these vulnerable female weavers. The traditional weaving techniques means a beautiful, sturdy bag, built to last a lifetime. All without stitching and threads.